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AEP (Annual Energy Production), anti-freeze substances (railway traffic), anti-icing, atmospheric icing, brine pockets- and channels, Cassie-Baxter state, CC (cold climate), CFD (computational fluid dynamics), coating material, composite trailer, de-icing, de-icing chemicals (aviation),


fog, freezing rain, frost, frost heaving, glycol, GNSS reflectometry, HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine), heat flux, hoar frost, IC (icing climate), ice accreation, ice accreation period, ice adhesion, ice adhesion test, ice classes, ice density, ice feature, icephobic, ice-phobic surface, ice prevention, ice throw from wind turbine, ice type, icicle, icing, icing event, icing on airplane wings, icing on masts, icing on powerlines, icing on ships, icing on trucks, icing on wind turbine blades, icing problems, icing wind tunnel, IEA (International Energy Agency), in-cloud icing, incubation time, instrumental icing,


LEWICE codes, Lozowski model, LTC (low temperature climate), LWC (liquid water content), Makkonen´s model, manual ice removal, meteorological icing, microroughness and nanoroughness, modelling of icing, modelling programs, MVD (median volume diameter), nucleation, offshore platforms, power lines, overhead lines, pantograph,


polyethylene lining, precipitation icing, rail gaps, railway traffic anti-icing, railway traffic de-icing, recovery time, RPM (rotations per minute), rime, SAR imaging, sea spray icing, sea water freezing, SLD (supercooled large droplets), SLIPS (slippery liquid infused porous surfaces), spongy ice, supercooled water, superhydrophobic surface, superstructure icing, track brittleness, track smoothness, track switches, derailment, train brakes, T19IceLossMethod,


VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine), wenzel state, wet snow, wind, wind turbine blade aerodynamics, wind turbine in winter, wind turbines classification, winter effects in railway traffic, WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting)

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